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When you’ve made the decision to quit dipping you need support. You’ll get it right here at KillTheCan! This site is dedicated to helping people QUIT dip, smokeless & chewing tobacco! It will be a long & difficult road, but we are confident that you too can be successful and quit dip!

All articles on are written by members of our forums. These are people who understand what it means to quit. They write these articles from the perspective of a quitter. Don’t believe the “experts” that you find out there on the web – believe someone that has successfully QUIT DIP.

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  1. 27 hours dip free, im 23, dipped since i was about 15, have and anxiety problems for a while, didnt have the problems back then, gonna see if quitting helps,

  2. Happy New Years to all of you. Keep it rolling in the New Year!

  3. David,hang in there, the hardest part is almost over. Chew Free for 3 weeks that is.

  4. On 2nd day. About to lose my vision, getting a headache and feel messed up. I am a teacher so it makes it tough dealing with kids. Can a day dipper, been doing it since I was 15 and am now 36. Love Kodiak. But enough is enough. Too expensive and unhealthy. I can do this.

  5. Day one for me. Mouth full of seeds right now. Love this site. I was up to 3-4 cans a day. 20 years. No medical issues (yet!). Decided it’s time. Gonna suck but I can do this.

    • Wow dude best of luck to you, been chewing for four years, a can every two days about, deciding its time to quit, need to preserve these toothies!

  6. This site has been a big help with my quit. I’m on day 16 and seeing/reading how everyone is going through the same things as me has been encouraging.

  7. New Years quitter here and these 3 days couldn’t have been tougher. Started in college and dipped about 4 cans of Skoal a week for about 11+ years. Any Skoal Mint chewers out there that can offer a good alternative that helped!? I tried Smokey Mt and Golden Eagle and hated them both.

    • Welcome aboard Dan! I’d highly recommend Hooch Mint. It’s probably my favorite Skoal Mint substitute on the market today. Another one to check out may be Elicit Mint but be leery of that one as they have a couple versions that contain nicotine. Steer clear of those and go with the nicotine free version.

      Reviews of both here:

    • I recommend Mint Snuff made by Oregon Mint Snuff Co. The product is an all mint chew without tobacco or nicotine. Looks just like chew and the ingredients are as follows:

      Maltitol Syrup (A sugar free solution that does not cause tooth decay)
      Mint (Natural Flavor)
      Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
      Potassium Sorbate ( Preservative)

      There is a phone number 1-800-EAT-MINT
      Am on day 3 right now and have the worst headache of my life. I am not giving up and I am fighting through this. For all my brothers and sister in the fight, stay in it because we can win it.

    • Smokey mountain is the closet thing to dip. it helps a ton. Its not cheap to order, but get enough for a month and you will be surprised… Fake dip is expensive, but so is cancer

  8. 32 days of being tobacco free and had two dips last night. Day 1 all over again.

    • Sadly you’re right… back to day #1. Just make sure you use what you’ve learned with that setback. What led you back to the can? Was there a specific trigger? How will you handle it the NEXT time you’re at day 32 and you get that urge?

  9. Great thanks! Just ordered the Hooch!

  10. Day 2 – Im having a hard time with not having a chew particularly post meal or coffee.. ordered some Bacc Off today. anybody have any luck with this ? (Bacc Off)

  11. Went to the store last night and had two guys in front of me. One of them got a can of coppenhagen pouches and the other got can of grizzly wintergreen. It felt good to know that I would be getting neither. The last 20 days have been hard, but necessary to quit this horrible habit.

  12. D Mad the fake chew is good to cut the cravings. I was a can a day for 7 years. I now have the fake chew just for cravings. I chew about one can a week of the fake stuff and hope to get off it eventually. It seems to help especially if I’ve been drinking.

  13. I’ve quit several times over my 24 years of chewing and have always experienced SEVERE withdrawal: headaches, irritability, anger, etc. I’m using Nicorette gum this time and it has been much easier, I’m on day 4 and doing well. I am using the gum sparingly so I don’t substitute one nicotine delivery system for another. It will be much easier to stop using the gum as my nicotine intake per day has been drastically cut already. Stopping usage at 20-25 mg of nicotine per day, with no chewing sensation either, will be easier than quitting from 40-50mg per day in my estimation.

    No need to go through the pain of cold turkey if you use the nicotine replacements correctly and taper down.

    • Gary – While I’d agree that there is some success to be had using nicotine replacements therapy, the problem is that most people never put them down or use them as directed. We’ve got people on our forums that have been using NRT for YEARS.

  14. Just wanted to keep everyone informed on my quitting. At the age of 20 years old, I decided I was way to young to put my life in the risk of cancer and missing half of my jaw. Started dipping four years ago, at the age of 16. Two days before Christmas, I made it my quit date. I have been going absolutely crazy, craving a dip at the most random times, however it has gotten a lot better. Some of you may want to try a 21mg nicotine patch, which I put on the side of my stomach. It got rid of the foggy and groggy feeling for me and smokey mountain classic and wintergreen, works really well for me. Not the best texture and taste but gives me that oral fixation I need. Sunflower seeds and beef jerky chew are alright for temporary needs but smokey mountain is getting me through it. After three days of the nicotine patch, woke up this morning and didn’t feel the need to have it on. Still a little miserable but keep strong everyone, temporary battle for an outcome for the good.

    • Congrats on quitting so young Justin. A word of warning… stay away from the patch. They certainly will “take the edge off” but that’s cause they’re delivering nicotine to your body. Until you get rid of ALL that nicotine (which you’ve done now by removing the patch) you won’t truly be free.

      • Hi i am 15 and recently got in trouble for diping at school im gunna quit and have seen this jakes mint chew and wondering if anybody has tried it and if it works

        • Dylan – Jakes and other fake chew will “work” if you’re referring to satisfying the need to have something in your mouth. It will not “work” to give you the nicotine fix that your body is craving because it has no nicotine. That said, Jakes and other fake dips are outstanding tools when you’re looking to quit dipping.

          • Day 99 and I’m very dependent on Smokey Mountain and sunflower seeds now. Any suggestions for the next step?

          • I chewed the fake stuff daily (can + per day) for a good 220 days into my quit. Then one day… I just didn’t need it any more. My suggestion would be to use it till you don’t need it any more. The overwhelming majority of people will eventually just put it down and not look back.

  15. Awesome job Justin, keep it up. Whatever it takes. Head up, stay the course, it’s worth it! I’m on day 18 quit now and things are finally starting to get better. Nicotine and all the poisons tobacco companies add have a very strong grip but you CAN break free. I did after 35 years, you CAN!!!

  16. I’ve been dipping for 30+ years (pathetic), about 2 cans/week. Unfortunately, I almost always have a small dip going. I started phasing dip out this morning at 0600 (1/06). I’ll go with out until 0700 tomorrow (1/07), then 0800 the next day (1/08) until 1/24 when I’ll have no more. My morning ‘wake up dip’ will be Smokey Mountain mint dip, once I get past the nicotine withdrawal, I’ll work on the oral fixation. I liked the idea of the guy who mixed an ever increasing % of mint dip in with his regular dip, clever.

    • Yup… That’s called the “titration method” of quitting. And it certainly does work. I’d say it’s my #2 suggested method behind cold turkey. My only caution would be to make sure you actually DO cut down on the amount of real dip in there. The sooner you’re nicotine free, the sooner your recovery can begin.

    • I actually had my wife do the mix percent. I told her to start with 75% grizzly and 25% smokey mountain, then start mixing the amounts without my knowledge. Its day ten and I have very little withdraws and I have no idea how much Im actually chewing of the real stuff. every can she mixes has less and less grizzly, I told her to not tell me when i’m only dipping smokey mountain. so far its working. no side effects at all. Its a mind game, I think I’m probably still getting real dip in my mixed cans but I don’t actually know.

  17. One thing that surprised me most about quitting was the oral fixation (in my case) was actually coming from the nicotine and the 4000 plus chemicals in each dip. Once I got over the physical addiction the oral fixation diminished almost to nothing.

  18. Well I been dippin for about 7 years before that I smoked 2 packs a day for 26 years. I have quit dippin since January 3 and I have been useing smokey mountain pouches. They have kept the edge off alittle. It is very hard to quit. A lot harder than smoking. But I like the fact that there is a site like this that gives support. Well thanks for the support.

  19. I had been chewing 12 years. I quit January 5, 2104, the day I started chewing years ago. (I had officially chewed for half my life, 24 years old). What triggered my decision to quit was my 3 boys (5.5 yrs, 2 yrs, and 2 yrs). My set of twin boys often chased me around the house for a bite of my sandwich or cookie, but this last Christmas break they saw me put in a dip. They chased me around the house begging for some of the “brown stuff”. This seriously hit me in my heart. I made the decision on Christmas day to quit…. soon. So i made the decision that it would not be a New Year’s Decision, but a New Life Decision. My symptoms have been as follows;
    Headaches, stomach aches, restlessness, unaware of time (it feels like months ago I quit), loss of focus, increased hunger/thirst.

    I am quitting for good, and if I dip again, I will follow the same path.

    72 hours was an absolute nightmare!! Getting better tho…. I think

    • Quit Cold Turkey. Best way to quit. My dad, brother, cousin, brother-in-law, grandpa all did it this way. No messing around, just finish it!

    • I have the similar situation, I’m 25 years old. I started when I was 14. I have a 2.5 year old son, he was trying to stick food in his lip, impersonating me dipping. Knew I had to quit and been dip free since 1/3/14. Best of luck to you!

  20. im deciding to quit today wasn’t to bad just have to try and keep it off my mind

    • It’ll be on your mind 24/7. Your mind will try to trick you into saying, “oh, I don’t want to quit, one more won’t hurt me, ect.” You just have to take control, keep your mouth busy with gum (which also helps with the hunger and the sugar problem) and just remember all the pros. I also used burts bees chap stick because it kindof gives your lips a burning sensation

  21. Just quit today. Mouth is hurting but not not painfully hurting i guess more of aches than anything. Not looking forward to quitting. I like my chew. I’m just afraid of what might come in time. Gum line already starting to recede quite a bit. I’ve chewed for a good 10 years maybe more. I probably had a dip in a good 8hours everyday out of the 24 for that time. God this sucks. I’m wondering if I am ready?

  22. So Ive tried quitting many, many MANY times. With my area of work (farmer), everyone I’m with usually chews. I usually make it 3-5 days, then hit a wall with problems at work or something and fall back into the habit. Its hard being around many people everyday, all day who chew. Ive tried seeds, gum, vacation, and cant seem to get passed the 5 day barrier. :( Any advice how to deal with the urge when you know you should quit, but your around so many who are still chewing.

    • I have chewed for off and on for over 30 years, I have more or less successfully quit for a year or two at a time but tend to get back on it. The best way I have found for me is to wean off by mixing real chew with fake chew with an ever decreasing ratio of real chew to fake chew, eventually you have to go to no tobacco at all though and that is the hard part. I believe prayer helps too. Day 40 no nicotine of this quit. I chew a lot of fake chew and drink a lot more coffee. I like Smoke Mountain Classic the best. Health food store had some Stop Smoking herbal pills that seemed to help.

    • Try using a non tobacco chew…it helps some, at least you have something in your lip. I used one called “Holt” it unfortunately only comes in wintergreen flavor but its pretty good. I used to chew Copenhagen long cut…so it wasn’t the same but it did help…also used a nicotine gum for the first couple days. Good luck.

  23. 2 months in. started at 16, and that was almost 8 years ago. decided to stop when a good friend died of stomach cancer, and we started chewing about the same time in high school. not one slip up. hopefully it keeps up this time

  24. I read some of the symptoms are stomach pains. I’m wondering how long those will last. Cuz it sucks

  25. Well, today is the day. I have just thrown away my last can. Today is the day I start. I am glad I found this website. I picked up the habit while serving in the Army and haven’t been able to put it down. I am hopeful, this site will make the transition possible.

  26. Great choice Gary. It is going to be hard, but not as hard as I’m sure some of your time in the Army was. I am on day 28 and it has been difficult, but very rewarding not chewing.

  27. Just threw my last can out. Time to call it quits after 2 years. Tired of wasting money on it and tired of always having to carry a bottle every where I go

  28. Day 3 of my second quit. I stopped 4 years ago after dipping 2 cans of Cope Long Cut daily. That first quit was literally the hardest thing I have ever done. It was pure misery. Regardless, I deployed to Afghanistan two years and started back. So here I am quitting again. Good luck!

  29. Day 1 right here. I just threw out my last can (hopefully). I’ve been a daily dipper for 3 years and I’m tired of the nasty habit. I have tried to quit many times, and I’m hoping for this to be the final time I have to quit. I have started having my gums bleed and become inflamed (brush my teeth twice a day) so I know it’s time to quit. Just need the support and good luck to everyone else trying to quit!

  30. After several years of chewing a can a day I’ve finally decided to quit. I’m 23 years old and ready to take back my life and live it nic free! I’ll take all the support I can get..

  31. I have dipped for about 8 years and I’m 5 days free I feel so confused and idk I guess it’s called the fog stage but I have really bad anxiety attacks is that normal I’m driving my self crazy lol

    • Cold turkey Day 5 after 20 years and maxed out at 2 cans copenhagen a day. Feeling kind of flu-ish today.. bowels all jacked up and sleeping like garbage. Im in good spirits for now because I understand why my body is doing what it is doing because I researched this quit before I started and I’m amazed at how big of a dumbass I was and how those chemicals were poisoning me for over half my life. Great website. Good luck all….

  32. Quitting dip is mentally hard because dippers think that there is a genuine pleasure in dipping and that they are giving up their pleasure. That is the mental trick and that is why it hard to quit. What is actually happening is that dip relieves the withdrawal you experience everyday you dip when actually it causes the pain to begin with. Dipping is sort of like tying your shoes tight just so you can untie them and feel the pleasure of stopping the pain. So it is hard to quit because because dipping relieves that withdrawal pain you experience everyday when actually it causes the pain to begin with.

    Tobacco actually gives you no pleasure other than making you want more tobacco. But because there is withdrawal relief, nicotine addicts believe that it helps then concentrate or relax or gives them pleasure when it does none of those. All nicotine does is trap you into needing more nicotine, so you view quitting like giving up your pleasure or fighting against cravings when quitting dip is actually more like escaping a trap.

  33. Ok this is day 8 First 3 days were torture. The last 5 days have been kinda rough as well. I can fly off the handle easy and get really irritated easily Almost instant rage It has been hard to think and keep on task. I also have been really paranoid about sores I have been finding in my mouth. I was going thru 2 bags of Sunflower seeds a day.I bought some Smokey mtn Chew That stuff has been a God send for the mental side of my quit. I just hope I am not the only one who has gone thru this much of a hell. Geesh a week ago I was really happy and content stuffing Timberwolf into my yap. Then I woke up on the 10th and said I am done. I found this site and saw the mess just a pinch can do to a man I also read the story of the man on this site I bout cried Well anyway wish me luck

    • Been 8 days without any nicotene Still have triggers. Food driving etc Glad. I made the choice i did

      • 2 weeks nicotene free. Cravings still come and go I will not give in I am done

        • 3 wks nicotene free. I have come to a conclusion Fake dip works. Chewing gum is almost as good. Physical withdrawl is long gone. My prooblem is the mental side. I drive a truck 300 to 400 miles a day on some of the most boring piece oc interstate. I get alot of time to fidget around Thats where fak dip comes in handy

  34. I quit after lurking on this website and with the allen carr method (its pretty good look it up). After a couple months I didn’t even wanna dip anymore. Don’t worry guys, it gets really easy. You’ll actually feel kinda liberated from it.

  35. Going on 11 Days without a dip, I’m 36 and have dipped since I was a senior in high school. 18 years. Been fairly easy last couple of days.

  36. Decided to have my last dip of my life today after 2 years dipping a can a day. As a college student, 18 years old, I finally got help with a life long problem of ADHD and the medicine I take just seems to go hand and hand with dip. I can already see a problem that is going arise from this and want to stop before it become an even worse problem. I am also tired of worrying about every bump in my mouth being cancer or what have you. I have tried quitting in the past but have cracked every time. My best friend dips 1.5 tins a day and when fishing or hunting it could be more, Its going to be hard seeing him with a fat lip all time. This is my last hope for getting support because I really want to quite but don’t have much support anywhere else.

  37. Decided to have my last dip of my life today after 2 years dipping a can a day. As a college student, 18 years old, I finally got help with a life long problem of ADHD and the medicine I take just seems to go hand and hand with dip. I can already see a problem that is going arise from this and want to stop before it become an even worse problem. I am also tired of worrying about every bump in my mouth being cancer or what have you. I have tried quitting in the past but have cracked every time. My best friend dips 1.5 tins a day and when fishing or hunting it could be more, Its going to be hard seeing him with a fat lip all time. This is my last hope for getting support because I really want to quite but don’t have much support anywhere else.

  38. Hang in there guys it gets very easy. It is all mental so the key is to not think of it like depriving yourself of a pleasure because there is no real pleasure in dip only causing and relieving cravings in a vicious trap and never ending cycle. Break that cycle and be free of the trap, quitting is about getting rid of all the times you crave during the day for years and all the times you didn’t want to dip but had to. Quitting is about breaking free of addiction and returning to the bliss you felt before you ever took that first dip.

    • I certainly appreciate the sentiment Paul, but I wouldn’t say it gets “very easy” for quit some time and it’s far from being all mental. At least in my experience, my physical withdrawals during the beginnin of my quit were far worse than my mental ones.

      Additionally, for many of us (myself included) I chewed for so long and started at such a young age that I didn’t remember that bliss you refer to. I had to literally re-learn how to do EVERYTHING as there were quite a few activities that I’d NEVER done without a dip (driving a car as an example).

      All of that said, I’m SO glad that I quit because the freedom I have not is WAY better than being addicted… and NOW I truly am in that state of “bliss”. Quit = Bliss.

      • I dipped for quite a long time too. It is almost all mental. The physical withdrawal from nicotine is like the flu. You can actually go an extended period of time without nicotine and not notice it. For the years that you dipped, you went to sleep 8-10 hours every night, nicotine levels dropped and you had full physical withdrawal when you were sleeping, yet physical withdrawal from nicotine is so mild that during all those years it didn’t even wake you up.

        Why is it that only after you quit is physical withdrawal so awful?

        What is so awful during the first couple weeks is actually the anxiety. You’re having a huge panic attack, you’re scared and now you’re without something that you have been dependent on for years and most people are afraid that it is never going to get better. It feels like being pushed into the deep end or loosing your best friend.

        Anxiety causes the tightness and that deprived feeling in the chest along with the irritability, headache and shakes. Unbound nACH receptors don’t cause those. They cause a flu feeling that is very mild compared to the anxiety. Anxiety over quitting is why everyones quit is different, why NRT doesn’t work and has a success rate of only around 10% and why some people can just up and quit and others struggle for years. It is really only the anxiety that makes it hard to quit. Telling people the easy parts of quitting and not making them fear everyday of quitting or feel depressed and deprived relieves that anxiety and then it actually does make it easy for them to quit.

        Sorry to argue and no disrespect you have created a very powerful website. I do pulmonary research at Pitt, for lung cancer and COPD, doesn’t have anything to do with dip, but we talk about nicotine addiction and stuff all the time.

        Look up the Allen Carr book its mainly for smokers but helps all tobacco users too. Look it up on forums or reddit or amazon or whatever its huge with all the stop smoking forums. It really helps smokers quit but dippers don’t know about it yet.

        • No argument at all… you just proved my point. Anxiety, tightness in chest/airway, irritability, headache, shakes, etc. Those are all physical symptoms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting there isn’t a HUGE mental factor in quitting dip. My point was that it’s not “almost all mental”. These symptoms, as well as countless others (trouble sleeping, tingling in jaw, restless leg, etc.) are all very real and very physical things that many people go through when quitting. Are they brought on by mental issues? Perhaps. But I don’t want to make it sound like if you mentally will yourself to quit that those symptoms won’t be there because for the overwhelming majority of people they are there.

          • Yes you will physically feel the symptoms, and yes, I am saying that they are brought on by mental issues. For example, if someone who never used tobacco products had an major anxiety attack for weeks, most of the physical symptoms they would feel (tightness in chest, irritability, headache, shakes) are the same symptoms as someone quitting. So these physical symptoms are brought on by the mental shock of quitting.

            You’re right, if you mentally will yourself quit the withdrawal will be there for the majority of people, but since the symptoms are brought on by mental stress there is no set time as to when the symptoms end.

            My point is that quitters keep waiting and waiting for it to get better but it won’t until mentally they are at peace with their decision. The faster a quitter gets on with life and starts to be happy about being free of tobacco, the faster the anxiety is gone and therefore faster the symptoms leave. The longer someone tells themselves that quitting sucks and how miserable they are, the longer they are going to have anxiety about quitting and the longer they will feel the symptoms.

            So really the reason people think quitting is hard is because they’ve been told its hard. Tobacco companies not only have been marketing towards kids and convincing them tobacco is cool for generations, but also convincing the world that it is hard to quit and that nicotine is more addictive than heroin and other bullshit. I work with nicotine its not that addictive, the habit is addictive. Everyone views it as hard to quit, has a hard time and then tell others its hard and quitters then have a lot of anxiety about quitting. Its the anxiety that really makes it hard. If you’d been told your whole life how on easy it is to quit, you wouldn’t have any anxiety about quitting and after a couple days of nicotine withdrawal it actually would be really easy.

    • Hi Paul u,
      I think you are a stupid, arrogant, fucking idiot. I’d like to meet you in person & knock your fucking teeth out of the back of your head. That would be very EASY for me to do right now.

      • I am not trying to be arrogant I do come off that way a lot though, but I quit after 8 years and am honestly having a great time being free, not wishing to dip at all. I see people here having a hard time and I feel really bad for fellow quitters that would be having such an easier time if they understood the addiction correctly.

        I think you are having a very hard time quitting because you don’t understand addiction, but since it is all in your head, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE MISERABLE when you quit tobacco.

        A post by Skoalmonster described the addiction to nicotine really well a long time ago on this site.

        Please read that post, it will help you.

        • Paul u,
          I am on day 29. Im worn the he’ll out. I’ve been to the doctor a couple of times for anxiety & rage. I wanted to thank you for the website you referred me gave me some hope when I needed it. Hell, I might even get the Allen Carr book…I’ll take all the help I can get. Your on my list of people to apologize too. It’s getting pretty long.. -Francis

  39. The day I quit chewing was the day the day that I join this site 1/10/2014 its been 8 days since my last chew. I have actually found it really hard to quit buy im doin my best. I had started in college 99 due to my roommate that was TX.. was about 1.5 can a day, since I quit, I have been chewing seeds at work but nothing else when im off or on the weekends… when im with my fiance’ im ok but when im alone I find myself goin nuts!!!! Tryin to find something to keep my mind busy or even help satisfy for the meantime….. I know that there people on here that maybe can understand how im feeling and how I can possibly get through this moving forward?

    • Look up the allen carr book its huge with smokers. But also works for dippers. Look it up on any quit smokers forums its a godsend.

      • I’m familar with Allen Carr’s methods. $16.99 for the book, $400 for the seminar or $149 for the webcast.

        • I know it was an amazing book that changed my life I can’t believe I viewed quitting as giving up my pleasure. Its really escaping a trap and now Im happy to quit and I really don’t feel miserable anymore. I feel actually really good.

          I have been looking at your website which has helped me alot and am just really happy with how this book also helped me.

          I gave it to my brother and neighbor they both quit. I really think that dippers could benefit from just checking it out. I read a pdf on reddit and it changed my quit. Im just lucky I work in lung cancer research and my boss told me alot of her patients quit smoking with this and it works for dippers.

    • Rick I’m in the same boat if my mind is busy I’m fine but as soon as I have down time I’m ballistic what I did was tape a picture of oral cancer to a sealed can of cope whiskey blend and it deters me pretty good how ever I have cans I’m still finding in my work tool boxes and fishing gear

    • Ed Davis (Jabbershark)

      Well you got ahead of me some time so other then grumbling to my self when I’m alone.. I have reorganized my house like a cray person does.. cleaned all my windows like a crack head… an when that’s all done, I know this might be silly, I sit down and play a game of civilizations 5 on ultra hard mode and use all my mental power to beat the AI. It help my mind wander off the rage and focus. Though the AI is a cheating bastered and pisses me off but that’s to be expected.

  40. Which book by Allen Carr? Turns out that he has written a few.

    • Allen Carr “Easy way to stop smoking” I loved that book, it gives you an honest look at nicotine addiction. Its for all tobacco and instead of suffering until you get used to life without dip, you really start to think about the addiction and feel free and incredibly happy to be done with tobacco. It really changes the perspective of quitting.

      There is also forum post here that describes the kind of mindset that the book is about. Check out this post, its very interesting.

  41. I’ve been dip free for about 12 days or so. I’m 24 and I’ve been dipping on and off since late 2008 and progressively started using more often. I keep having urges to buy another skoal berry (my old fav) but I keep reminding myself that it has the same chemicals as rat poisoning and has radioactive material polonium-210 in it and it does a pretty good job of keeping the urge under control. Stay strong. Chewing gum helps too.

  42. One of the best decisions I”ve made is to quit dip I feel so much better it’s been a month that I’ve been dip free and after 30 yrs I feel so liberated by the grace of God and one day at a time I will remain dip free for life Fight the good fight stay true to yourselves.

  43. Hey guys 24 hours dip free the nic bitch is running a jack hammer in my head any advice to make it go away I’m 19 now started at 14 as a freshman doing 2-3 cans a day

  44. Francis,
    I would agree with your sentiment. However, I am confused, would that be a physical or mental act when you blast his teeth from his face? Would the pain be mental or physical?


    Matt S

  45. addiction is a poor excuse for violence

  46. Made it almost 60 hours and gave in under stress my good friends mom passed away and then my newly divorced parents mum went On a rage I drove around so I wouldn’t flip on her and found a can in my door panel back to hour 1 again anyone know a good fake wintergreen with a texture close to cope wintergreen

  47. I keep some baccoff in my freezer for those occasions when I just want one. I’m 50 days quit so far with the help of baccoff and KTC.

  48. Im a firefighter. I used to love coming out of a fire and putting a big dip in. I quit 65 days ago and after every structure fire the cravings kick in. Im way too far into my quit to go back now. For all those struggling to kill the can it helps me to remember why I quit

  49. I’m 17. Been dipping for about two years. I’m a baseball player and everyone around me dips so it is very hard for me. I want to quit but have not actually put any effort in doing so. I think it’s almost about time. Very very hard for me.

  50. Ed Davis (Jabbershark)

    Day 2…. f-en Rage!!!!!!!! Insomnia…sweats… I have inhaled about 20 prices of gum and 2 lbs of candy… going to gain 100 lbs! Rage…! Anyways… thanks for being an vent. #*$&%@!


  51. I’ve been dip free for 89 days, its still rough certain days.
    Especially lately. Moving, death in the family, teenage daughter…(need I saw more) I still crave grizz wintergreen a lot

  52. Hi, my name is Justin I quit chewing at the beginning of the month going on 26 days no chew at all! I started chewing cope when I was in 5th grade now I’m 27 years old it’s been really tough but I’m determined to stop! Still think about it every day. It’s been a hard month and been grumpy and light headed. This site is awesome happy I found it. All u guys stick in there and stay positive!

    • Day 64 still crave it at least once a day but can’t give in. Truly surprised I made it this long after 31 years of chewing fine cut skoal

      • 26 Days in after a can a day for 24 years…haven’t loved the fakes (got Bacc Off and Jakes) but did help if I was having some drinks. Noticed cravings not as strong, def drinking a little more coffee, hanging in there. Weird, not sure if anyone else noticed this, sleeping habits completely changed, like 9:30 I am exhausted, 5:00 Am up and ready to go????

        • Brian
          I am having the same issues. I quit on January !st of this year, so it is 37 days today. Before quitting I was to bed @11 or so and up at 6 or so. Now i am in bed by 10 and up at 4:30 or 5.

    • I been chewing 4 years Justin I have been trying to quit but twice now at day 3i have caved in any tips that have worked for you? I’m on layoff for 2 months to go I’ve bout lost my mind

  53. Last chew was last night at 8pm. I threw out all my cans. I have a cold or flu and I don’t think this is going to work. I really want to be nicotine free. Thanks for having this form

    • If you don’t buy it you can’t chew it. Don’t just try and quit. Make a plan to quit. I did, I talked to my doctor and took Chantix for 2 months and used Smokey mountain to get me thru the cravings. I still get the physical addiction cravings once in a while but that chantix is what got me off the nicotine. By the way, In on day 65. Good luck !!!

  54. Chewed for 10 years. Started at 15. Took out my last dip last night at around 10pm. My mouth feels much better already but I can feel my gums/jaw ache from the cravings. Jack Links teriyaki chew jerky has done wonders for me. Obviously it doesn’t have any nic, but it fills that void in my lip/cheek.

  55. I’m dip free since last 8 days. Its feeling very difficult for me.
    Here fake dips are not available. So Keeping fake dips of Fennel seeds, Black Cumin seeds(Jeera), Tea Powder etc.
    One day I’m unable to get anything to keep, so i kept sand also.
    I cant explain what phase im going through..
    Life looking like hell to me. I just cant explain what is going on
    No support from wife. She killing me everyway.
    Having lot of health problems. Back ear lymph node swelling for more than 3 months now.Frequent sore throat.
    Feeling like lost everything. God take me soon.

  56. 92 days dip free. Hard to believe that in 92 days I have saved enough money to almost make a full month mortgage payment

  57. 104 Days today!! I feel amazing, don’t have any cravings. But odd enough I do have lots of dip dreams. Guys you can do it stick to it and leave the can in the past!! God Bless and Good Luck.

  58. Going on 7 days without a dip. Chewed Skoal Straight and Copenhagen Straight for almost 18 years. Felt so liberating when I finally decided to throw that shit away. Two days after I quit though, I am feeling as if something is stuck in my throat. Horrible feeling and it is driving me insane. Anyone else have this reaction after they quit chewing? Any help would be appreciated!!!

  59. Thank God. day 3 is almost over. 20 years ive been hooked on this stuff. Finally time to give it up!

  60. I’m back to Day 3. I quit on 10/06/13 and made it just under 3 months. Another 3/4 pound tub of Stoker’s fine cut natural and I’m working my quit again. Although I was upset that I ruined my quit, I’m glad I was back on the snuff for less than a month this time. I need to be ready to quit and it’s usually more than a year between attempts. I think the closeness of quits this time is a reflection of my seriousness. I’m really ready to be quit this time.

    The withdraw is very real and more intense than it was in October. I still kick myself for caving. It’s behind me though now. Onward and upward. I look forward to passing the 3-month mark this time around. It really does get so much easier.

  61. Ive been dipping a tin a day for the past 5 years. I started before going into highschool during the summer. Ive decided to quit because Im sick of not being able to feel normal without stuffing my face full of dip. Ive tried quitting multiple times but nothing seems to help. Any advice?

  62. Day 1, have felt dizzy on and off all day, extremely difficult to focus, struggling to even finish reading other comments. THIS IS GOING TO BE HELL!

  63. Has anyone noticed a change in their sleep habits while quitting? I have noticed I have a hard time staying asleep and wake up feeling exhausted. Just curious if anyone has experienced this.

    • Mike
      I have the same thing. Sleep off and on all night and struggle to get my butt out of bed. Then in a fog all day. I’m sure this is only temporary we can push through this. I sure we will both feel a lot better soon.

  64. Used to dip about half a can a day since i was 15. I am now 19 and have been dip and completly tobacco free for 49 days! Just wondering when the cravings will go away because I still want a dip all the time?

  65. 14 years, 1-2 cans a day. Day 1, I need to do this!

  66. 20 Years of dipping. When I quit on September 20, 2013, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. I did a lot of research on Nicotine and pulled together all that I read and applied to my quitting plan.

    1. I went to the local Walmart and bought Smoky Mountain Chew to assist with the physical part of dipping.

    2. I also drank a lot of Cranberry Juice and Grapefruit Juice for the first 3 days to help clean out my system.

    3. I recruited 2 other people to quit with me for the support.

    After 3 days, the hard part is over. I was in a fog and had an anxiety attack during that time but made it.

    Nicotine is a drug whether we like to admit it or not. Do the research! It’s the 3rd most addictive drug out there.

    I continued to dip the Smoky Mountain Chew for a long time and even told myself I might as well get a can of Copenhagen. As time progressed, my urge to even have the “fake” stuff has diminished. My only time I enjoy it now is when I hunt or any outdoor activity. I now have been using the same can of “fake” chew for over 2 or 3 weeks.

    Today is 134 days and I am proud to say I did it cold Turkey and with God’s help.

  67. Quitting will be VERY difficult. When you quit stay positive and be tough. I have quit for weeks and I dipped for about 15 years 2 cans a day. Wake up people this causes cancer !!!!!
    Just quit being a crybaby whip and show yourself you can be a man and work thru this. It is very hard for everybody to do.

  68. Today is 96 days dip free. And today has been the most craving day I have had. It all started with dip dreams all night long. And now on day 96, i have cravings so bad that I have almost gone down and bought a can a few times. This site is the only reason i haven’t gone out and bought a can. Thanks chewie for the resoures and the support of “the former chewers brotherhood” without it, there is no telling when day 1 would be again

  69. I have just quit about five days ago and I’m goin insane I started when I was in 7th grade and have dipped at least a can or more a day and never have really gone without. I am 19 now and decided I need to quit after almost 8 years. I am just tired of keepin it from my girlfriend or the girl I’m talkin to wonderin what she will say and stuff. It’s so hard I don’t wanna give in but it’s just to hard

  70. 32 days now chew and I’m feeling good! Chewed for 14 years and I miss it every day but time to man up! All u guys stick with your goal u will be happy u did!

    • Day 72, some days the cravings are strong, most days they’re not. Wish it was spring so I can be busy outside and not think about it

  71. Hey Guys (and Gals?),

    I’ve been a smokeless tobacco user for 25 years without going more than 7 days without. I successfully transitioned to Camel Snus about three years ago, thinking this was a safer, less conspicuous means of getting that nicotine fix. While those are true, it has become much more expensive (1-1/2 cans / day) and seems to be more difficult to quit. Additionally, I believe a chronic case of sleep onset insomnia that I’ve been dealing with for nearly a year now is related.

    I have attempted to quit twice in the last year, informing loved ones and coworkers of my intentions, welcoming their support and guidance, and failed both times–right at the 7 day mark!
    Both times I went 6 days with very little trouble. But on day 7 it was like the reward / pleasure centers of my brain just took over all executive functions and saw to it that I proceed to the nearest store for a fix. Damn, talk about no self control.

    I’m going again, and with the help of this community I’m going to see to it that this is the LAST time I ever quit.

    Thank you in advance for your support,


  72. As of last night when I was driving home from work instead of throwin in a dip,I desided maybe its time to quit. I usely made a can last 2 or 3 days but I noticed lately it was becoming more of a 1-2 day thing. I went all day yesterday (2/3) without one do to bein slamed with work. Comin home desided hell why not ya aint benifitin from it. But I know itll be hard because the last time I tried to quit after about 3 days cold turkey I was ready to break anything that irritated me the slightest bit. After looking on google for advice I ran across this site. Alot of helpful advise and stories. I started smokin when I was 16 then to quit that I started dippin at 19. Now its time to end it all at 24. Wish me luck and ill be prayin for yall.

  73. Hey. I’ve been a slave to chew for the last 19 years. It has literally controlled me. I am not happy when I do it, and am terrified to be without it. I am also a true addict. Anything you put in front of me I take to extremes. I have quit before for a month or so several times, but I always say I will just have one. That’s the thing about addictions. There is no just having one. If I have one drink, I don’t know what will happen because I can’t stop, so I don’t drink anymore. Some people are just wired that way. The same goes for chew. I am quitting today. I haven’t had one yet and I’m not going to. It’s a decision. In order to quit any addiction for good you have to recognize that you are powerless over it. Being powerless over something sucks. So the only way to not be powerless over it is to just not do it today. That’s it. I don’t care about what I’m going to feel like tomorrow. In order to quit and stay quit, I ask god in the morning to help me not pick up chew, just for today. God is powerful and he will answer my prayer. I know I am going to make it this time

  74. 25 days in brothers. IT GETS EASIER. i did get a sore throat and tightness of my neck muscles at around the 2.5 week mark. after that, it’s easy sailing. keep up the good work guys.

  75. Going on day two…just pissed off at the world. Feels good to finally have the balls to get just one day under my belt. One day at a time.

  76. Made it through day one. Drank about five gallons of water yesterday and popped about 2000mg vitamin c throughout the day. I feel pretty good today. Slept like crap though. Woke up a bunch of times. Plus attention span had been down

  77. Day 57 and I feel wonderful, bracelet is a constant reminder that I am a better person in my life without that substance now.

  78. Hey Guys,

    I’m six months off of the dip now. Used to go through a tin a day easy. Cope Whiskey…still miss the smell. Having dip dreams a lot lately. Getting harder and harder to resist the urge to just go buy a tin. One lip right it won’t hurt…..

    Making it through it though. One day at a time…

  79. Day 3 and my head is killing me. This has been the worst day so far. Thought about buying the fake stuff but dont want to rely on having to have something in my lip. Guess I will keep plugging away with nothing.

  80. I’m a 22 year old college baseball player dipping 2 cans of cope gold top every day. I have now been dip free for 24 hours and actually feel pretty good. A little foggy and a minor headache, but I am committed to this more than I ever have been before. Does anybody have any suggestions with some way to help me stay focus on the field and most importantly in the classroom while I’m in this little fog for a while? Thank you!

  81. I am talking to you….
    Here’s the facts: You started this nasty addiction. So you must man up and quit. It will not be easy but it will get easier as every day and week goes by. Quit being so selfish. There are people that care about you. Don’t think cancer won’t happen to you, IT WILL. Get out a mirror and look in your mouth. The image you see is your body saying STOP. Damn you are killing yourself.
    Quit using today. It is never a good time. Just quit.!!
    Keep using this and you will most likely die early of cancer…cancer kills young people all the time!!!

  82. To help a early quitter:
    Do whatever it takes to keep it out of your mouth.
    Toothpicks, menthol cough drops, cotton ball soaked in mouthwash, beef jerkey, big red gum.
    If you fight you can win!!!!

  83. I read that The Easyway to Stop Smoking book by Allen Carr that was on this thread. its so interesting it got rid of the void feeling for me. really kinda makes quitting easier.

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